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Northwood University's Master of Science in Taxation (MST) degree provides a deep analysis in various areas of taxation to groom well-rounded tax professionals. The curriculum enhances the learning of the fast paced, ever changing rules and regulations in the field of taxation. Graduates of this program will have deep research skills, as well as the ability to communicate complex topics to non-tax professionals. The curriculum will appeal to accountants and attorneys who need to expand their tax knowledge in order to effectively advise either an internal or external client base.


Our courses are offered in a variety of learning modalities during Spring, Summer and Fall semesters at our Troy, Michigan campus. These classes utilize leading edge technology as support. Northwood classes are taught by faculty members who bring real-life executive experience and application-based scholarship into the classroom.


Twelve courses (36 credit hours) including two research courses, six core courses, three degree electives, and a capstone course. The Master of Science in Taxation will provide students a concise curriculum which will enhance their skills as a tax professional.

Course Summary
Foundation 2 Courses 6 total credit hours
Core 6 Courses 18 total credit hours
Electives 3 Courses 9 total credit hours
Capstone Course 1 Course 3 total credit hours
Program Totals 12 Courses 36 total credit hours
Course Details
Foundation (2 required courses):
Tax 5100 - Introduction to Tax Research and Analysis of Tax Authorities3 credit hours
Tax 5110 - Advanced Tax Research and Writing for Tax Professionals 3 credit hours
Core Courses (6 required courses):
TAX 5200 - Tax Accounting3 credit hours
TAX 5210 - Tax Consequences Involving Sales and Exchanges of Property3 credit hours
TAX 5220 - Taxation of Pass-Thru Entities, S-Corporations and Partnerships3 credit hours
TAX 5230 - Taxation of Corporations, Single-Entities and Consolidated Groups3 credit hours
TAX 5240 - Transfer Taxes and Income Taxation of Estates and Trusts3 credit hours
TAX 5250 - Tax Practice and Procedure3 credit hours
Electives (Students will be required to take 3 Electives):
TAX 5300 - International Taxation3 credit hours
TAX 5310 - Accounting for Income Taxes 3 credit hours
TAX 5320 - State and Local Taxation3 credit hours
TAX 5330 - Valuation Issues in Taxation3 credit hours
Capstone Course:
TAX 5400 - Advanced Tax Reporting and Compliance 3 credit hours


Applicants must:

  • Current Verifiable Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Official Undergraduate Transcripts: Official transcripts from all undergraduate institutions attended, including the institution where a baccalaureate degree was awarded are required. An undergraduate cumulative GPA of at least a 3.00 on a 4.00 scale is required.
  • Professional Graduate Information Session: Consists of an interview with a DeVos Graduate School Admissions Representative and a writing sample exercise.
  • Prerequisites: Successful completion of a minimum of 6 total credit hours in Taxation (3 credit hours) and Financial Accounting (3 credit hours).
See also: Admission Requirements


Changes in technology, tax law and business practices over the past two decades have created a substantial demand for quality tax professionals who can interpret statutory, regulatory, and case law. Careers in taxation range from private practice at accounting and law firms, state and federal government, and industry. A Master of Science in Taxation provides an enhanced degree that can benefit a vast number of career choices, as well as assisting professionals in the evolution of their own practice.